About Us

Founded in Vancouver, BC. Canada, I Run The Globe started with a group of runners. Having many interests to count on, they share two passions in common: running of course, and participating in competitions all around the world.

The idea of organizing trips to global races came to mind after a group trip to the Paris Marathon. Then this team of passionate people decided to put all of their efforts towards the running community.

Our ultimate goal is to enable Americans to be part of all of the major international Marathons.

Now why would you travel with us?

  • We have guaranteed entries (Bib numbers) to the most popular competitions all around the world.
  • We offer all sorts of running experiences: marathons, half marathons, and several other types of shorter distance.
  • Don’t worry about planning! We take care of it… You can confidently focus only on training!
  • We have access to the best deals thanks to our relations with exclusive hotels all around the globe.
  • We know how crucial your sport trips can be. For that reason, we provide travel packages that offer high-quality accommodations near the events. And guess what? We keep our prices competitive!
  • You travel with a group of runners. You can make new running friends that share the same passion.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate and contact us for more details!